Quick Media Training Tips You Can Use Right Now

Tips and Tricks Quick Media Training Tips You Can Use Right Now Being prepared for an interview will mean you communicate your key messages clearly, avoid getting dragged into tricky questions and saying something you’ll later regret, you’ll use the right tone for the interview, use the correct facial expressions and even wear the right …

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Communicate effectively with stakeholders

Effective Communication How To Communicate Effectively With Stakeholders As product managers, we’re tasked with being multilingual. Not in the sense of speaking multiple languages, but in the know-and-be-able-to-translate-key-jargon-from-engineering-code-bases-to-synthesizing-legal-contracts-to-deciphering-marketing-a/b-test-results kind of speaking. This is the type of communication product managers must have as a core skill. It’s the kind of speaking that enables us to effectively …

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Looking good online

You’re in charge of looking good online The pressure of perfecting your pandemic presence – A technical tale of two years! Some clients ‘got it’ early, others still don’t ‘get it’. Seems adapting to change comes harder for some. Taking our media training presentation skills from ‘onsite’ to ‘online’ has been a major shift in …

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