A Crucial Factor – Why Media Training Is Important For Any Leader

Business man adjusting tie

For anyone, and I mean any-one, leader or not, for someone who has no prior media experience, it can be daunting when the cameras are rolling and he/she needs to tell a story or during a dialogue session. This intimidating experience can cause one to lose his/her train of thoughts when answering questions and getting caught in an awkward situation while the cameras are rolling.

Finding out what to wear and what you’re going to say are some of the things you should think of when you are preparing yourself for such interviews. Preparation is the secret to success. Media training provides you with suggestions on ways and methods to answer questions, what type of expressions to avoid and what not to say. It also equips you with how to follow your script so you can steer the narrative in the way you want it to be. I can’t stop emphasizing on how important it is to prepare. As the famous saying goes, expect the unexpected and you’ll be ready to take on any question that is thrown at you. By doing so, you’re allowing yourself to think ahead of time, just like how Dr Strange calculated all possible outcomes or success in the Avengers, you are preempting yourself for any possible angles that the interviewer may use.

It is for this reason that media training is important as it teaches you how to think on your feet when you’re placed in a spot, helping you prepare yourself mentally ahead of time by coaching you through mock interviews and letting you figure out the type of questions that may come up during interviews. It improves your overall presentation skills including body language, finding your natural voice and overcoming nerves. Feedback from executives and spokespeople who complete media training overwhelmingly shows they leave feeling far more confident both in their media skills and public speaking. The bottom line about media training is about being prepared so that you’re ready and confident to respond to proactive media opportunities as well as manage reactive media.

With Paul Carr’s media training, you are assured that you’re in great hands. Gain the confidence you need in these media training sessions, learn how to present yourself well in front of others. Email us at over@paulcarrconsultancy.com with the type of coaching you’re looking for and how many participants!