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Why Do I Need Media Training
In The Digital Age

In today’s digital age, where anyone can set up a website and call themselves an expert, it is critical for professionals to create clear and consistent messaging about their company. This is particularly important in your own industry or market vertical. Media training ensures you are ready when journalists approach you or your team with questions about your business.

Media is one of a company’s most valuable assets; learning how to handle it is an important skill for all business at every level. When you’re in front of a journalist, you only have seconds to deliver your message. That’s why top executives, including politicians and celebrities, undergo training on how they should communicate with journalists. Your peers and clients will recognise you as a trusted authority in your industry and being able to answer questions confidently will help build confidence in your company. Media training gives you control over what message is conveyed. It builds trust and credibility, ensuring that your message is heard loud and clear by multiple audiences.

You may ask at some point, ‘what if I freeze on camera?’ When you go on television or in front of any camera, be prepared for questions that have nothing to do with your company. You’ll likely be asked questions about current events, other companies, or general news items. If you’re not prepared, you may freeze up and seem unprepared. To avoid embarrassing yourself in front of millions of viewers, plan by preparing responses for off-the-wall questions and create key messages regarding your industry and business goals. 

Media training is all about self-confidence and answering questions with confidence. If you’re new or have a fear of speaking in public, then you could suffer from jitters and be unable to answer questions confidently. This can negatively affect your business if potential clients don’t view you as credible. You need media training if you want your peers & clients recognize you as an industry expert and credible authority within your field.

In this day and age, media training is more important than ever. With the advent of technology changing the way we communicate with one another, it has become easier for us to form quick judgments about what we’re reading or watching. A phone can easily find its way into your pocket, which can result in you gaining a new follower through an article you were scrolling through on Facebook or Instagram; but these influencers can also lose their followers just as quickly. It’s all about presenting oneself as credible – something that will always be unique in this digital age! Email us at over@paulcarrconsultancy.com with the type of coaching you’re looking for and how many participants! 

Paul Carr is a respected corporate communications consultant whose extensive experience in the media and background in education spans 20 years.

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