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Why is Media Training so important?

We live in an age where businesses are quickly judged on their image and reputation. If you’re hoping to get your business recognized as an authority within your industry, you need to be able to confidently promote it through media interviews. This means that if someone from an influential media outlet contact you, you’ll be ready for them. Having a solid media training strategy in place allows you to prepare for almost any question that might come up, whether it’s about your company or something completely unrelated. This is particularly important in your own industry or market vertical. Creating a media training strategy ensures you are ready when journalists approach you or your team with questions about your business.

With this media training program, it’ll help you:

    • Increase Confidence – Learn what media training can do for your confidence by understanding what they won’t do (like give away your secrets) and gain practical tools for self-care.
    • Reach Audience – Find out how media training can teach you how to speak about your content in a confident manner so that your message is clear and persuasive.
    • Grow Business – Media training can improve a presenter’s skills so they can grow their own personal brand with promotional opportunities in a competitive market

If you’re a business owner looking to take your career to the next level, one of the best ways to do so is by getting media training from Paul Carr Media Australia. With years of experience coaching both local and international spokespeople, we give you an insider’s perspective on what journalists are looking for, as well as key strategies on how to prepare effectively before your next media interview. Media training provides you with knowledge as well as personal coaching as we work to improve your confidence by mastering skills. Whether you’re new to the media or if you want to refresh your skills in front of the camera & mic, contact us today! We provide media training in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth. Email us at with the type of coaching you’re looking for and how many participants! 

Paul Carr is a respected corporate communications consultant whose extensive experience in the media and background in education spans 20 years.

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